mojito cupcakes

My friend and I decided to throw a little fiesta Friday night. I decided to bake some more over 21 cupcakes for the occasion. I felt mojitos fitting since they are one of Sarah’s favorite mixed drinks. Recipe (thanks to cream puffs in Venice) was pretty easy. I added some lime zest to the batter to switch it up a little. Cakes were delicious. Made a rum/lime/mint buttercream frosting instead of cream cheese (so not a fan of cream cheese frosting) similar to that of the car bomb frosting(1 stick butter 3-4 cups confectioner’s sugar added tablespoon at a time). Added a few table spoons of rum, half a lime of juice and some mint extract. Really it was all guess and check til it tasted right. When I make these again I’m going to add minced mint to the batter rather than zest and more sprigs of mint to the syrup. Either way they were delicious and a huge hit.

damask necklace organizer

Over the past year I have been converting my unfinished eaves of the house closet into the ultimate walk in paradise. I now adore my closet. There was just one problem. On the back of my closet door was a big hunk of wood (attached over 10 years ago to secure my mirror) just hanging there. Not knocking the industrial look, it just wasn’t working in my pink girly paradise. I decided to turn a negative into a positive. Using spray adhesive I covered the wood with a damask patterned scrap book page, wrapped the sides with a black polka dot ribbon, topped with a bow, of course. Ugly wood problem solved (for what 5 bucks?). I then hit up my local hardware store  found some brass hooks ($2 for a pack of 5) spray painted them silver, screwed them in and…voila! Necklace hanger C’est magnifique.

irish car bomb cupcakes

What do you get a food loving, Guinness drinking, all around Irish boy for his birthday? Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes in plaid cupcake wrappers of course. After a friend suggested working Guinness into a recipe would make Brandon’s birthday I was on a mission to make it a reality. Apparently this isn’t a foreign concept in the baking world. In the end I presented Guinness cupcakes with Jameson ganache, and Bailey’s butter cream frosting as the ultimate birthday present. I altered the recipe slightly included close to triple the amount of Jameson (you just couldn’t taste it otherwise and lets get serious if you can’t taste it what’s the point in adding it?), adding “heaping” tablespoons of Bailey’s, and switching out the white sugar for half dark half light brown sugar. Recipe thanks to Smitten Kitchen

They ended up being a huge hit and may earn me a nod on “A Food Coma“, Brandon’s very awesome food blog. Happy Birthday Brandon. I’m glad you enjoyed your present.

…mounds don’t

Finally the Christmas cookie surplus has diminished enough allowing me to break in my new kitchen aid mixer. (thanks babe!) First recipe of the new year? Coconut cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting. Frosting was delicious. Cake wasn’t overly sweet though not overly moist either. A bit of a surprise since it had plenty of sugar, butter, and coconut milk. The coconut flavor wasn’t as strong as I had hoped but the flavor combination did make me want to sing the Almond Joy/Mounds jingle. Thanks to Martha Stewart for the recipe. (she’s a fav of mine).

baby boo

For the fall season (my absolute favorite time of year) I purchased a baby boo pumpkin. I also acquired some other gourds from my neighbor. Since they were still holding strong in December I decided to do some quick little paintings.