irish car bomb cupcakes

What do you get a food loving, Guinness drinking, all around Irish boy for his birthday? Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes in plaid cupcake wrappers of course. After a friend suggested working Guinness into a recipe would make Brandon’s birthday I was on a mission to make it a reality. Apparently this isn’t a foreign concept in the baking world. In the end I presented Guinness cupcakes with Jameson ganache, and Bailey’s butter cream frosting as the ultimate birthday present. I altered the recipe slightly included close to triple the amount of Jameson (you just couldn’t taste it otherwise and lets get serious if you can’t taste it what’s the point in adding it?), adding “heaping” tablespoons of Bailey’s, and switching out the white sugar for half dark half light brown sugar. Recipe thanks to Smitten Kitchen

They ended up being a huge hit and may earn me a nod on “A Food Coma“, Brandon’s very awesome food blog. Happy Birthday Brandon. I’m glad you enjoyed your present.

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