damask necklace organizer

Over the past year I have been converting my unfinished eaves of the house closet into the ultimate walk in paradise. I now adore my closet. There was just one problem. On the back of my closet door was a big hunk of wood (attached over 10 years ago to secure my mirror) just hanging there. Not knocking the industrial look, it just wasn’t working in my pink girly paradise. I decided to turn a negative into a positive. Using spray adhesive I covered the wood with a damask patterned scrap book page, wrapped the sides with a black polka dot ribbon, topped with a bow, of course. Ugly wood problem solved (for what 5 bucks?). I then hit up my local hardware store  found some brass hooks ($2 for a pack of 5) spray painted them silver, screwed them in and…voila! Necklace hanger C’est magnifique.

One thought on “damask necklace organizer

  1. This really came out beautiful and so feminine! But now all your necklaces are together and beautiful. Actually makes your closet even more attractive.

    Nice job. Great creative ideas!

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