Floating Along

We spend a lot of time in our dining room. Probably has something to do with our kitchen being far too small to function. Most baking prep is done there, in addition to eating every meal (minus the times we want to be anti social and sit in front of the TV). Because of this the dining room is one of the furthest along design wise.

It was the first room that I had a clear direction on what I wanted to do. So far we’ve painted it from “old lady peach” (not to be confused with “Aunt Annie Key West Peach”) to “super trendy gray” (Benny Moore “Absolute White” I think). We scored a beautiful antique buffet from Craig’s List. Art wise we bought some prints off Etsy, mixed in with some of my own, threw a little Jersey pride in as well. Part of the color selections in the Kitchen/Dining room was fueled by my man. He has a borderline unhealthy obsession with Coca Cola. The obsession has acquired quite a few vintage and foreign green glass bottles. I really think they are quite sexy and has helped to fuel the glass green, robin’s egg blue, yellow color scheme in the 2 rooms.

Now for a place to put all these damn things. Not to mention we had 2 very blank walls that I had overlooked in my initial design layout in the brain. I’ve been drooling over the simple and elegant floating shelf concept. However being the cheapies that we are (and the custom design I had in mind) we decided to build them ourselves. To figure out the exact design we ordered some pizza, then went to town with the box. That’s right. To visualize how much space they were going to take up I hung used pizza box shelf models on my wall. Frankly I think it was an awesome idea. I could walk in and out of the room and see exactly how these shelves would feel in the space. (Drilling holes and hating it is frankly a pain in the ass)

Pizza box floating shelves models.

Following plans from Ana White (this girl is AMAZING) we built wrap around floating shelves to hold the Coke bottle collection…well part of it at least, and some other chotchkies. Other than some communication mishaps between the future hubs and myself the shelves were easy to build. If we had the proper power tools and workshop area they would have gone MUCH faster.

None the less, they are done, super sexy and make me SO happy every time I look at them. The actual layout of stuff will definitely be changing /evolving as time goes on, the seasons change, etc. However my favorite things currently on the shelves? The metal modern “B” and “E” (Brendan and Elizabeth) acquired from Brendan’s old Fire House. Now to locate an “&”.

3 thoughts on “Floating Along

  1. I say no to the &. I like the “BE”. It’s quite a statement if you think about it. 🙂 Although, I do miss the pizza shelves.

    • I love them. Maybe when both of you are finished building you can make me some. You have great ideas. Going to check out this Ana White.

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