Summer summer summer time

Quick little post to share in my excitement. I’m in the process of creating a seasonal rotating gallery wall to include family pictures as well as images that reflect the season. (more on that soon) Found this beauty here on Etsy for a whopping $8 including shipping. It arrived a few days ago. I couldn’t stop smiling when I looked at it. And really you can’t go wrong supporting artists AND bringing pure joy all for less than an Alexander Hamilton.

Ahh summer time and childhood memories. The white part was always my fav. mmmm. Who doesn’t love a bomb pop on a hot summer day? Seriously.

4 thoughts on “Summer summer summer time

  1. One of my kids just brought them in to celebrate his birthday on one of those 100 degree days. When I opened the package to give him the first one I very seriously told him, “These bomb pops are an awesome choice.” Awesome choice in picture. Hope I get to see it up!

  2. i always buy a case of them for my camp to make sure that these kids have a bomb pop at least ONCE a summer! love it!!!

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