This Post is Brought to You by the Letter “F”

Bored one afternoon, and tired of the “will you change your last name” debate I decided to embrace my potential future name and make a family monogram for our still in process gallery wall. Especially since a “F” has no curves it was surprisingly easy and took roughly an hour (minus glue dry time).

I started with 2 pieces of cardboard. Sketched out an “F” on both pieces and cut with a straight edge and an exact-o knife.

Once I had 2 identical pieces, I cut the “spacer” pieces to give the letter some girth and “3-D” qualities. The spacers are simply strips of cardboard roughly 3/4″ thick cut to the length of each line of the letter.

Then all I  did was glue each spacer piece to the bottom or back “F” piece. I used wood glue because it was handy and gets tackier quicker.

Once all the spacers are glued (and dry-ish) run a bead of glue around the top of the now outlined letter and attach the top face of the monogram. I used rubber bands to hold the entire letter together until it was fully dried.

I let the monogram dry over night and then removed the rubber bands and hung that glorious future initial on our wall. I’m thinking after looking at it for another 2 years I may actually be excited to be EAF.

2 thoughts on “This Post is Brought to You by the Letter “F”

  1. Hi Liz –
    Very pretty “F” wall hanging. I like that you’re considering adapting our family name. However, I must say, it was somewhat of a relief when I dropped it, and became a Bauman, not having to spell out my 11-letter last name anymore
    You are a talented designer, and I love reading your blog.
    -Aunt Sue

    • Aunt Sue,

      You just made me grin from ear to ear. I’m glad you understand my lack of excitement to spell out 11 letters, especially since I currently only have to deal with 5. NOT to mention my formal signature “Elizabeth Fridhandler” would literally take a year to sign (I mean that’s 20 letters). I’m glad you like the blog and we can keep you in the loop with everything we’re doing in the apartment.

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