Picture Perfect

I will confess, I’m usually open minded to most things, however as an Interior Designer, I can not stand when artwork is hung too high.  Frankly it drives me insane. I’m surprised I hold myself back from walking around with a hammer and nails readily armed at a moments notice to pull pictures off walls and correct this horrible fate.

Remember the one simple rule and you too can hang like a pro (and avoid crazy designers punching new holes in your walls).

The 1 Critical Rule to Hanging Artwork:

All art work should be hung at 57″-60″ on center. On center means that the center of the piece should sit at 57 inches. 57-60 inches because that’s the average eye height of a human being. (Like I said it’s so simple!)

The only catch? Rules are made to be broken. Sometimes depending on what you’re looking to do it makes sense to hang lower or higher. Example. If artwork is meant to be viewed from a seated position (ie couch) the eye height naturally will be lower. If you’re looking to make a gallery wall or other massive artwork collection spreading out to both extremes of the wall is fun and unique to do.

Here’s some inspiration for fun ways to hang artwork that we’ve been enjoying for months now.

Grouping smaller frames into a bigger overall layout. Artwork doesn’t have to be expensive to be beautiful. The upper left and lower right were pictures taken during a fall trip to the Berkshire Mountains. The upper right and lower left are simply scrapbook paper (less than $1 each) which can be found at any local craft store.

Staggering picture frames on a wall. These were pictures from one of our fall getaways to the Berkshire Mountains.

Picking a linear center point and hanging frames horizontally. In this example each frame was centered at that magic  60″ height. These photographs were mainly taken on a family trip to Maryland. 2 were from our trip to Grand Manan and the one city scape was taken by my sister.

Additional linear horizontal example. Another trick to hanging artwork is to have the images in the grouping relate in some way. Be it subject of the pieces (pumpkins) type of artwork (painting) or color palette (deep-toned Autumn colors). This pumpkin tryptic is quick little paintings I’ve done of pumpkins we’ve acquired over the past fall seasons.

Symmetrical grouping. In this example the larger Palisades Amusement Park print is the center and the other smaller prints are evenly balanced on each side. Also this is the only grouping so far that I actually “purchased” artwork. The top left and bottom right were bought off of Etsy for less than $20 each. The Palisades print was from a poster website for around $25. The other 2 pictures were from our engagement. Bottom left is a detailed shot of the Helicopter and the upper right was snapped by my man as I was getting out of the Chopper touching ground for the first time as an engaged lady. It was one of my favorite shots from the day.

I should also point out for all you apartment dwellers out there 90-95% of these pieces were hung using 3-M command hooks. These hooks are worth every penny. No holes, no mess, and super easy to use. Also, sold as most craft stores that send around 40% off coupons. Double thrifty score. After all those inspiring examples in my opinion there’s no reason for anyone to not have artwork on their walls. It makes your place feel lived in, homey, and if you chose artwork that is meaningful you’ll never get tired of looking at it.

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