Organizing a Tiny Pantry

As previously discussed on this blog, our apartment came with awesome closets but no shelving. We solved the problem with building shelves for our pantry. Catch was the shelves didn’t hold all the stuff we had shoved in that closet. Slowly but surely the closet got jam packed to the point that I couldn’t walk in it anymore without tripping on something. For an organized girl like myself this mess wasn’t going to work for me.

We finally found 2 hours together to throw together a few more shelves. This time rather than building free standing shelves we used the existing ledgers that were in the closet and more of my engagement signs to fashion quick simple shelves.

We measured the existing space, cut the plywood to size, and screwed the pieces into the existing ledgers. We added brackets to the one side of each shelf that had no ledger for additional support. The brackets were probably a dollar or so each. Other than that the project was free. The best kinds of projects in my opinion.

I was loading the shelves before Brendan could get off the ladder. I couldn’t wait. Within 2 hours my pantry went from cluttered floor covered mess to organized clear-floored beauty. I absolutely love being organized.

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