Booze Cakes: Champagne Cupcakes

Stuck for a unique and heart filled wedding present especially for foodies? Looking to give a little more than the traditional moola? Trying to come up with a new dessert twist for New Years? This ladies and gents is the recipe you’ve been looking for! I actually brought these as a gift for a wedding I was a date to. Figured I could bring something even though frankly I didn’t know the bride and groom at all. My only warning is make sure someone knows the box you brought is perishable. No one wants to return from their honeymoon to rotten moldy booze cakes. If you know the hotel the bride and groom will be “wedding nighting” it in, ask the front desk to leave it in their room. I’m sure they’ll be overjoyed to happen upon a late night snack after all that partying.

Recipe was found at “yum sugar” and I didn’t stray far from it. I made a butter cream rather than a cream cheese frosting. I think this recipe would be best with a glaze rather than a heavy butter cream. Next wedding I’ll be sure to try it. And of course, as always, add as much booze as you’d like to the frosting to give it a scrumptious kick.

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