Burrito’s 1st Birthday Smash

A very good friend of ours had a baby a year ago. That means we were invited to a 1st birthday party. Auntie Lizzie got the honor of baking The Burrito’s* First Birthday Cake, or “smash cake” as all the cool kids are calling it these days. (*Burrito is not her birth name, but a loving nick name Auntie Lizzie and Uncle Brendan had bestowed on her after seeing her wrapped up like a burrito as an infant)

I will admit I went the old school route and “box of caked” this little number (and icing in a can for that manner) but figured our little 1 year old wouldn’t fully appreciate the labor of love that is properly measuring dry ingredients.

Although my day dreams of the mess she was going to make of this little darling were a little far fetched, she still managed to get some quality Kodak moments.

At first a little hesitant and unsure…

She eventually got the hang of it. This made for lots of giggles, pictures, and overall joy from the entire party. Honestly, there’s only a few moments in your life you can get this messy and not get in trouble for it. Might as well live it up, right?

Happy First Birthday Burrito! We love you. Especially with cake on yo face.


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