Outdoor Bistro Excitement

Hello folks!

I’ve been running around like a crazy lady with back to back wedding weekends, mini vacations, and 5k training just to name a few. Needless to say, I’ve got lots of exciting things to be posting about very soon. One quick post for now. We finally found a moment to reschedule our Ikea Date which has been in the works since before Christmas. The date was fabulous. Silliness did arise. Obviously. We are talking roughly 120,000 square feet of “lets play house” after all. Ahh Ikea. How I love thee. In addition to the silliness we were also quite successful in our travels bringing home some loot including fabric for some pillows I will be whipping up, a basket for hiding some Xbox paraphernalia, and these little babies:

Chairs to complete our little bistro dining in the sky. Ahh. I can’t wait for a sunny Sunday brunch. This is of course not the finished product. I have plans to spray the table a rubbed bronze to complement the chairs a little better.

Now for the price break down (and the reasons I love Ikea) I wanted those super cute and fabulously timeless little French bistro chairs. You know the one’s that are all over Bryant Park in the city (New York City for those of you not in the greater NYC area).

You know the ones that can be found online for a reasonable $198 a chair or $318 a pair. Ooof. Seriously? $200 for a little bistro chair? Not for this cheap girl. No thank you. Enter Ikea: the fabulous design at fabulous prices dream land. They have arguably the same chair at a 93% savings. Now THAT’S the kind of red tag discount this girl likes.

So for $30 we got 2 brand new cheapo but equally well designed french bistro knock offs and a table for sunny summer dining. Side note: table was saved from the landfill aka found on the curb a few doors down from my parents’ house. Excellent score indeed.

Again there’s more work to be done but with such a fabulous spring evening I couldn’t resist setting them up, de-pollening the table, and snapping a few shots. Looking forward to spending many summer evenings sipping a margarita or two and early sunny mornings with some Irish breakfast tea and French breakfast muffins. Yums.