a very diy southern wedding

A few weeks ago us Yankees took the trip south of the Mason-Dixon to welcome the newest member into the family. A family wedding in North Carolina to be exact. Besides the Bride being stunning, the Groom handsome as ever, and the day being picture perfect there were a few other highlights of the event.

The bride (I guess she’s technically my future cousin-in-law?) is a rather crafty gal (excited to have her in the fam for sure). She hand made every flower featured at the wedding. Let me repeat that. She hand made every flower. From the flowers that lined the aisle

to the ones that adorned the tables at the party

Not to mention every bouquet, including her own.

Let’s just say I’ve got some hefty competition.  Thankfully we’re on the same team, as they say, and she was happy to share all of her insider secrets. the folded paper flowers featured in the centerpieces and aisle decorations were found at this website, the paper roses (apparently super easy) tutorial can be found here. For the insider tips to quote the bride “For the rose pomanders, I just bought large Styrofoam balls and covered the heck out of those babies with hot glue and flowers.” For the record this is one of the reasons I absolutely love this girl.

Also The Bride and Groom have a little place in their hearts for garden gnomes culminating in this blog. To pay homage to their little creative baby the Bride’s mother secretly added gnomes in random centerpieces throughout the reception.

Needless to say we had a beyond fabulous time on our mini vacation to the South. The wedding was exquisite, we had a blast and wish all the happiness to the bride and groom.

4 thoughts on “a very diy southern wedding

  1. Awesome post – thanks, Liz! In the interest of full disclosure, I must say that I had LOTS of help making the individual flowers. To anyone wanting to do something similar, I recommend buying a bunch of wine and finger food, amassing a sizable collection of glue guns and scissors, and inviting 12 of your most generous, crafty, girlfriends to come over for a flower-making party. Not only was this a tremendous help in completing hundreds of paper flowers (the pointy flowers are actually EACH comprised of five individual origami petals) but the flower makers all reported enjoying getting to know other wedding guests this way.

    Thanks again, Liz, for all the gorgeous photos! I, too, am super excited to have acquired a new uber-crafty cousin-in-law!

  2. Yes – we are fortunate to be adding such creative talent to the family. Wonderful in so many other ways as well. Count yourself as one of the added treasures.
    Great blog Liz!

  3. Ah, yes, and how could I forget that “Aunt Sue” contribute numerous gorgeous flowers for the centerpieces as well. Her addition of the curly copper wires added a beautifully elegant element to their design! Thanks, Sue!

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