Thank You.

A simple post from an overwhelmed and absolutely touched blogger.

Thank you all so very much for all the love and support you have shown me over the last 4 days. Never in a million years did I think I would be Freshly Pressed, let alone receive an overwhelming amount of positive and supportive comments from the blogging community. Your kind words truly mean the world to me. I shall try my best to not let you all down and keep cranking out more simple projects to make all your lives a little more pretty.

The biggest of thanks and virtual hugs to you all. It’s been a truly surreal and fabulous weekend. Thank you.

(Images above are a thank you card I made for my Godfather, who never ever forgets my birthday and still sends birthday treats which makes this 27 year old excited that birthdays still rock. Thanks Uncle Kenny!)

Oh the Places We’ve Been!

I’ve come to realize I really enjoy maps. They are so fascinating. Cities, towns, lakes, rivers although all discovered not all discovered by yours truly. I catch myself staring at them for hours. Thinking about how long it would take me to drive to San Francisco if I fly to Portland. (I mean it’s like RIGHT there relative to Jersey)  I’ve also come to realize I enjoy travel more than I once thought. This combination fueled a fun and forever evolving project.

Upon a semi recent trip to my wonderful college roomie’s house I got pretty jealous she beat me to the punch.  Over at Creating Confidence you can see roomie’s version of her “travel map”.

Because Mr. Fiance and myself have really only ventured to the greater Americas we started simple with a map of North and Central America. I found a really nice vintage map from the 1960’s with gorgeous coloring. Little bit of spray glue, foam core board, and skills from Art School I mounted the map so I had something to pin into.

I then took a quick trip to Office Depot, grabbed some map pins and hurried home. The colors left a lot to be desired. (White, Black, Red)

Quick can of spray paint and I fixed that problem

Future Hubs and I decided that rather than just including trips we went on together we would also include trips we’ve gone alone. Pink represents my travels, blue his, and white is where we’ve been together.

I’m still working on a frame to enclose the whole project but for now it’s just fine hanging raw. He may have significantly more pins West of the Mississippi but I’ve got the East coast dead and buried. He’s got me beat on furthest North, Canada, but I’ve traveled way closer to the equator than he has, Nicaragua. It’s also exciting to see how many white (us) trips we’ve taken.

The most exciting thing about this slightly lovey dovey project is how it will always be evolving. Removing a pink or a blue pin to replace with a white one, adding a new color once our traveling changes from “us” to “all of us” (ie potential future family trips) Just look at all that blank yet to be pinned and conquered map. Looking forward to hitting all 50 states and further.

Family Vacation to the Great North

I think it’s been confirmed, my family are lake people. Don’t get me wrong being from Jersey I’ve had my share of family shore trips but in the grand tally thus far we’ve rented far more lake cabins than beach shanties.

This year was no different. We traveled North to The Adirondacks for a week (significantly less for me) of hiking, kayaking, and general relaxing.

During my long weekend at the lake I found an absolutely fabulous vintage shop. The place was amazing. Massive, packed with stuff, and priced to sell. I walked away with these 2 beauties to add to my collection of robins egg blue kitchen items.

This adorably modern yet strikingly vintage aqua creamer which I feel head over heals for:

And this rather unique flour sifter with blue enamel handle. I’ve never seen an accent like this on a flour sifter before. Being the baker that I am, and prior to this trip not owning one, it becoming mine was very much going to happen.

The best part of my finds? $10 for the lot. In addition to my brag worthy loot my slightly loony sister found something she too couldn’t live without. Please meet the newest addition to the family Dave, the taxidermied red squirrel. Complete with sombrero/ashtray.

Oh yes, she did.

Rather than signing off with Dave, I’ll leave you with some slightly more striking images of Saranac Lake on Lake Flower.

A True “Shower”

The moment you all have been waiting for, the bridal shower to end all bridal showers. Last weekend was my very good friend Melissa’s Bridal Shower. Very good friend doesn’t quite sum up what this girl means to me.

Us reuniting at the start of Sophomore Year

Quick back store. We met late August, 2003 in a roughly 8’x15′ cell dorm room. Actually our names met before that. Call it fate or divine intervention the computer roommate generating program at good old RIT thankfully paired me with my roommate-soul mate. For 4 years we lived together (this includes the year I had a single and Mis had a triple on the same floor). We laughed together, cried together, did copious amounts of laundry together and ate way more raw cookie dough than 2 girls should consume in their lifetime.

Apparently I paid my dues over those four glorious years together since Melissa found it fit to make me her Maid of Honor in her upcoming wedding this August. Beyond honored and touched doesn’t sum up how I feel about this rather hefty duty she has bestowed on me. Part of my Honoree duties included planning the bridal shower 🙂 Oh that’s right. I pintrested the hell out of that shower. (I know, none of you saw that coming.)

The bridal party (all 9 of us) agreed on a “theme”: summer garden party reflecting the wedding colors of yellow and blue. I called dibs on decorations and went to work. my pinterest board sums up what I was looking for. Fresh, pretty, and fun.

First I made buntings following instructions from Crafete. A description can be found here.

I also made 12″ diameter real working pinwheels to line the driveway and highlight the guest of honor’s table. More on that mini saga here.

Here’s a shot of the tent before we all worked our magic:

another shot of the tent in set up progress:

and completed with everyone really enjoying the stylish party:

The flower arrangements were a mini labor of love. Inspired by cut lemon centerpieces which are floating around pinterest. We attempted our own version. The Bride’s Mama bought super market flower bunches for $40. Then the Matron of Honor and I arranged the flowers and man handled the lemons to create these beauties:

We also went kind of “eco-chic” by borrowing the table runners from a bridesmaid who happened to get married the weekend before and candle holders and plate chargers borrowed from another friend of the family’s wedding. They all helped to add a stunning touch of elegance to the whole affair for a no cost to us price tag.

I still can’t get over how amazing everything came together. Everyone involved busted butt to get things together and I can’t thank each and every one of you enough for embracing my crazy dreams. The Bride most certainly loved everything. It was well worth the work.

The party itself went swimmingly. Literally. While the day started out sunny and summery it ended showery, rainny, windy, tornado warning-y, did I mention it rained? Like, a lot. Like flash flood conditions for 45 minutes lot.

It most certainly made for a memorable shower including (but not limited to) the entire party running for the house using the tablecloths as umbrellas.

All we could say was The Bride received enough inclement weather at wedding related events that we should be all clear, and all smiles, for a sunny and fabulous wedding.

Beautiful Buntings

I have a confession to make. Buntings are popping up everywhere it seems, and I’ve been dying for an excuse to make some. Thankfully, the bridal shower I was quasi in charge of decorating was the perfect venue for such a simple bang for your buck decoration.

I followed directions from crafete and added my own little spin by hand painting Bristol board in a gingham pattern in addition to using scrap book paper.

Cost was crazy low a few pieces of 49 cent scrap book paper 2 spools of $1.99 ribbon, all other materials I had on hand. All we needed were two runs of buntings to bring the tent from blah to oh yeah!

I’m so happy they turned out as well as they did.

Have You Seen The Pinwheels They’re GINORMOUS!

One of my very bestest friends is getting married. Her shower was last weekend. As Maid of Honor I was bestowed with the task of decorating the little fiesta. A run down on how the shower went is soon to come, but first a little pinterest inspired craft session.

Part one of Bridal Shower decorations: We decided on a summer garden party theme. What’s more summery and gardeny than giant yellow and blue pinwheels? I’m talking 12″ diameter fabulously fun gigantic fully functioning pinwheels.

The pinwheels put up a darn good fight. They might have made me shed a tear or two (or seven) but once finding a tutorial that could support the weight of 12″ diameter pinwheels (and learning how to change a bit on a drill that was last changed by a gorilla strength man) it was smooth sailing. Tutorial was found on Something Borrowed and really was crazy simple, don’t let my tears scare you. It was the first tutorial that wasn’t designed for such colossal pinwheels that caused the tears. Promise.

The tutorial from The Sweetest Occasion  is how I created the paper portion of the fabulous ginormous pinwheels. I strongly recommend following the paper portion from this tutorial as it uses hot glue to hold the paper together. I’m assuming the hot glue also helps to reinforce the paper at the connection of the straight pin. Also, this tutorial is for 6″ diameter pinwheels. Really you can make them any size (within reason) as long as you’re working with a square. I would then follow with the assembly portion from Something Borrowed.

I truly love how they turned out.  Early warning paper is not water proof and after the events of the day these 3 were the only ones that survived. More on that later.