Chalk Board and Chicken Wire

Even though we’re currently a small family of 2 (with no plans on expanding any time soon) we still have a lot on our plates. From fire house activities to family gatherings we can be a pair of busy bees. I’m a rather organized gal and when I feel lost in a sea of information you know there’s a project right around the corner to fix things.

Our “message center” was pretty pitiful; a calendar strategically hung to block the fuse panel in the kitchen. I wanted more. Places to jot notes, see the month at a glance, hang important info, pictures, gift cards so we don’t forget to use them. I wanted an impressive fully functioning (and pleasing to the eye) message center that all the cool Mom’s get.

After stalking a few ideas on Pinterest (beyond obsessed with that site) I made my decision. Chicken wire bulletin board with chalk board doodling counter part.  Love the idea of listing menus for the week or happy notes to my significant other who at times can be 100% opposite schedule.

Chicken Wire Inspiration Board


We changed a few parts of our design to include a frame and a fabric back (to hide the ugly electric panel). Construction for the chicken wire board was pretty straight forward. Well, after working out the kinks and a few failed attempts it ended up being straight forward. For the chicken wire board cut:

  • cut chicken wire to desired size (including width of trim)
  • For us, we wanted to cover a semi unsightly electrical panel so we also cut a piece of fabric (muslin) to the same desired size as the chicken wire.
  • Cut trim pieces to fit; miter for nice 45 degree joints.
  • Square up trim and fasten with glue and scary looking metal wood joiners. Let dry.
  • Create a sandwich of trim-chicken wire – fabric face down on a flat surface.
  • Add one staple in the center of one side of the back.
  • Add staple on the opposite side.
  • Continue around with 1 staple, centered on other 2 sides.
  • continue to pull/stretch fabric around on all sides. (Working out from center staple out mirroring on opposite sides)
  • Flip over and hang with everyone’s favorite no hole hangers (command hooks)

For the chalk board, we used leftover extra thin plywood from our floating dining room shelves and more trim. This time we used a little fancier trim with a little more of a revile. Cut the plywood to desired size, trim to match. Miter fasten with glue and staples and bam. Ready to go. I do recommend doing all painting before assembly. It at least made my life easier.

Let’s just say I am darn happy with our new super organized and rather stylish message center. Also for the super thrifty lad or lady, free calendars can be stunning when folded in half (blocking the ugly UPS picture) and adding your own picture above.

15 thoughts on “Chalk Board and Chicken Wire

  1. Nice job! Looks great!

    I had never heard of “command hooks” before now, and followed your link to find out more. Do they really “remove easily”, with no sticky residue left on the wall?

    • They really do! Very easy with no residue at all. Biggest warning is make sure you put the correct sticky side on the wall. (It’s pretty obvious, one side has red text the other black) We currently rent so to avoid filling holes when we move basically everything in my house is hung with command hooks. I keep telling my fiance we should buy stock in the company as we’ve bought an obscene amount. Also **HINT** They can get pricey BUT if you go to an A.C. Moore/Joann’s/Michael’s you can use the 40% off coupons 🙂 Can’t tell you how happy this cheap girl was when I figured that out.

    • That’s actually on my hunt list! It’s been on my list for a while; need to find the right little baskets. I’m thinking little galvanized pails or something of that nature. I want it to hold the markers, chalk, extra clothes pins, etc. Thanks so much for the suggestion. We’re on the same page. Thanks also for reading and commenting. I always look forward to seeing what people say.

  2. I love the colour scheme! It looks so charming and the muslin looks like it disguises everything perfectly. I imagine that it lends a nice subtle softer texture to the otherwise harsh chicken wire. Beautiful and cheering! Let me pin this 😉

    • The scheme for the kitchen all stems from my robin’s egg blue kitchen aid. I love it so much. Very generous present a few years ago from my fabulous man. The muslin does create a nice softness to offset the chicken wire. Also, just on the other wall is a photograph of farm fresh eggs. I like the play of the eggs with the chicken wire. Slight relation there don’t ya think?

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