A Hand Made Valentine

There’s a tradition in my house. Every Valentine’s Day, since the first year I was born I believe, my mother has made my father a home-made Valentine. Always out of construction paper, sometimes with paper doilies, almost always featuring a picture (or 12) from the last year, and progressively more witty/corny as the years pass. We’re talking almost 30 years of hand made cards.


Valentine Circa 1989 (I’m the shorty on the right)

It’s one tradition my sisters and I always look forward to. Usually pictures of “all of Daddy’s girls” make it into the card. The crowning jewel in the collection is the year we moved into the new house, Mom worked the lyrics of our family theme-song “Once in a Lifetime” by the Talking Heads into the card:

“and you may find yourself in a beautiful house”


“with a beautiful wife”


“and you may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?”


Ever since my hubs (what?!? Still so weird to say) and I moved into our apartment I’ve carried on the tradition of making hand-made Valentines. I always look forward to breaking out the construction paper, glitter, scissors, and glue and rifling through the last year of pictures for a theme/idea. Lets just say this year’s is going to be epic (and easily 100 pages long). I can’t post this years just yet (need to keep it a surprise for my Valentine).

One of my favorites from years passed is our 5th Valentine together.





They aren’t super fancy and polished, but they don’t need to be. Getting down and dirty with old craft skills and slapping something together is sometimes the best way to express your love. It’s also something to cherish forever. These Valentine’s are also great for a last minute “oh no I forgot to get a present!”

3 thoughts on “A Hand Made Valentine

  1. Don’t forget my mother answered my father’s valentine and that’s when their romance took off. I still have that original valentine from 1942..Before he went off to war and safely made it back from the Philippines to get married and stay a family. Valentine’s Day is a very special tradition in our house for sure.

  2. Oh how sweet! These are priceless and seriously worth so much more than any present that can be bought at this time. What a great family tradition! It’s so meaningful and sincere, rather than all the fancy commercialised stuff that happens nowadays that just puts me off! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Valentine’s day has always been a big deal to my family. We take it very seriously but rarely exchange the typical jewelery/lavish gifts. Chocolate is always there, flowers of some sort, heart shaped meat loaf, and quality time with each other. As Joanne (my Mom) said above it was Valentine’s day that my grandparents started dating. A “Hallmark Holiday” is what you make of it. It doesn’t have to be over the top, just a sweet stop and say “I love you”. I’m glad you like them! And CONGRATULATIONS ON THE BABY!!!!

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