30 before 30 List

When July 2015 hits I’ll be turning the big 3-OH! I’m sure you’ve all seen the “30 Before 30 Challenge” well, I’m jumping on that band wagon. See my list below. I’ll be sure to link back here as each of my 30 goals gets completed. I know I’m starting this a little early (as I have just shy of 18 months rather than 1 year but 1 goal, Run a Marathon, takes some serious training, especially when my current running is basically non existent)

1. Run a Marathon (bonus points if it’s completed in under 4 hours)

2. Make my way back to Camp Glen Spey (a Girl Scout camp that I have many fond memories at)

3. Start a retirement account (I know, this should have happened 10 years ago, no need give me the guilt trip)

4. Master baking the Parisian Macaron

5. Be confident in a bikini on a tropical beach (read between the lines I worked a tropical/Caribbean trip in there)

6. Learn Yoga; master at least one crazy pose

7.Study/Pass Interior Design Certification Exam

8. Study/Pass  LEED certification Exam

9. Master a long exposure image (preferably of the stars)

10. Select a “signature” adult cocktail (Captain & Coke although my favorite doesn’t seem appropriate at all events anymore)

11. Buy a house

12. watch ever Disney animated movie ever made

13. watch the 100 greatest movies ever made list

14.Open an Etsy shop

15.Volunteer (something art/outdoors related would be ideal)

16.Learn to make perogies from scratch (pretend it’s Grandma Antointte’s family recipe)

17.Go on a kayak camping trip

18.See Billy Joel live, again

19.Host the most fabulous spring outdoor grown up tea party brunch ever

20.Make shopping at a farmers market a regular thing

21.Print wedding pictures/print honeymoon pictures/finalize wedding album pictures basically anything photo and wedding related needs to be organized/printed/framed/album-ed/etc.

22.Dye my hair a crazy color(s) even if it’s just the ends and just for a weekend

23.Climb the stairs at the Palisades Cliffs without being winded or crying over my hip

24.Pack a bag, go to the airport, and board the cheapest flight I can find.

25.Have artwork featured in a show

26.Turn the studio into an actual studio and not a junk room

27.Go to a Giants Game (preseason totally counts)

28.Have a mini reunion back at college with my roomie and other buds (and eat a garbage plate)

29.Do a sit up while hanging off a heavy bag. Just like this bad ass chica

30.Go on my dream vacation with my favorite travel buddy to celebrate the big 3-OH!


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