Color Your World

When we moved into our first apartment everything was perfect. The location. The charm. The commute. The parking. The paint, yeah, not so much. Nope the paint was horrible. The real kicker was when I asked our landlord if we could repaint the Easter basket that was our future apartment she got very concerned and then stated “as long as you paint it back to neutral”. Clearly she wasn’t an art major. Last time I checked Pink, Peach, and Yellow are not neutrals.

Dining Room - Move in Day

Living Room - move in day

Bedroom - First few days in

Bathroom - During Painting please excuse the mess.

However It’s amazing what a little paint can do to make a place your own and turn it from Easter Eggs to homey and fab. Fearing the thought of repainting when closing on a new house (our hopeful next move from here) I tried to keep our options neutral. Real neutral.

We went with “Absolute White” by Benjamin Moore in the Dining Room. It’s more a very very pale gray than an aboslute white in my opinion.

“Autumn Haze” by Glidden (I think) in the Living room. (this is slightly more beige and less gray in real life)

And Sherwin Williams “Steamed Milk” a perfect almost canvas off white. (as accurate as I could make it color wise) ***All colors were color matched to Sherwin Williams as they have the best discounts but I am a Benny Moore girl when it comes to more permanent locations.****

The easiest way to pick paint is to throw a bunch of swatches on the wall and leave them there for a few days (or weeks or months). See them in different lights, different shadows, etc. Once colors start changing and make you go “ugh”. Take them down. Eventually you’ll end up with the one that works best in your space that you truly love. Brendan more than once thought I was insane when he would find me staring at the walls for long periods of time at slightly different toned colors. (Which to him of course looked all the same.)

The Bedroom was the hardest color to chose. With my strict “neutral or repaint it” rule combined with my perfect bedroom dream and Brendan’s crazy schedule the decision was hard. The yellow existing in the room really wasn’t bad. I did like it a lot, however it didn’t mesh well with the accessories i was buying (all creamy similar to the walls color), it was very sunny and bright,not good for a boy who occasionally needs to sleep during the day, and never felt like “our” room. So I finally caved and decided to repaint. Then it came down to making a decision. My dream color was a dark blue slate gray-ish tone. Other options included a beautiful gray (top) and a taupe-y gray (bottom).

I don’t think I should admit to how long those chips sat on our wall. (Like since the week we moved in) A big help was having large scale chips. (The perks to working in an Architect’s office). If you don’t have architectural office perks you can always buy the test pots for a few bucks to get the same “large scale” effect. Final decision? The Taupe-y Gray. It’s so stunning. So us. And so neutral, well dark neutral.

The color? Benjamin Moore’s “Meditation” from their Affinity Line for our serene “Woodsy Retreat”.

ahhh pure bliss. In the end each gallon of paint cost around $27. So for just over $100 we turned a pastel hell into a true neutral paradise. In my opinion it was worth ever penny.