The Big 3-OH! Claims Another

Today is Mr. Fiance’s BIG 3-OH! Saturday was dubbed “Birthday Observance Day”. We had a jam packed day filled with kayaking, friends, dinner, carnival, fireworks, fried dough deliciousness, and of course a camp fire night cap. (It’s not a future hubby party without a campfire.)

The jam packed day caused last minute me to run out of time to get my big birthday present project assembled in time. No worries, he just got to wake up the next morning to more birthday fun.

I found this project MONTHS ago on Pinterest. I absolutely fell in love with it being the shutterbug and memory cherisher that I am. The project was straight forward enough. get 30 balloons, get 30 pictures 1 from each year of the birthday boys life.   Punch a hole in each picture, tie it to the string of each balloon and surprise the lucky birthday recipient. Obviously with precious photo originals I strongly recommend scanning in the pictures. Once scanned, you can dress them up a little. I added a mix of Polaroid and old school photo edges. The white edges also have the added bonus of an area to write the age for each picture.

A few of my absolute favorites:

Future hubs is on the right, one of his closest friends who also happens to be the guy that we met each other through is on the left. His face is classic. Apparently getting sweaters for Christmas is the bestest of all time. YYEEEAAAHHHH!

This fashion statement is probably my favorite of all time. The shirt, the tie (note how it’s tucked into his pants), the watch that could eat his arm, spiked hair and over sized aviators just round out this early 90’s awesomeness.

A slight word of warning. As stated before I was a bit last minute/out of time (as always). I had picked up the balloons on Saturday afternoon. I didn’t have time to attach the pictures until Sunday morning. By the time I attached the pictures to the balloons they didn’t have enough helium left to keep the balloons in the air. (note in the project link “I used the bed for photo support”) I had to change my plan slightly and move the balloons from the hallway to the living room (so i could use the couch as support).

Other than that one minor hick-up the project was a complete success. Thank you Future Mama-in-law for all of your help. I could have never done this without you. Also thank you to the rest of his family who contributed their own little birthday wishes/happy memories which I attached to the back of pictures that featured the both of them. The birthday boy truly loved it. He couldn’t stop talking about it all day. Happy 3-OH Babe. Love you forever and always.

Burrito’s 1st Birthday Smash

A very good friend of ours had a baby a year ago. That means we were invited to a 1st birthday party. Auntie Lizzie got the honor of baking The Burrito’s* First Birthday Cake, or “smash cake” as all the cool kids are calling it these days. (*Burrito is not her birth name, but a loving nick name Auntie Lizzie and Uncle Brendan had bestowed on her after seeing her wrapped up like a burrito as an infant)

I will admit I went the old school route and “box of caked” this little number (and icing in a can for that manner) but figured our little 1 year old wouldn’t fully appreciate the labor of love that is properly measuring dry ingredients.

Although my day dreams of the mess she was going to make of this little darling were a little far fetched, she still managed to get some quality Kodak moments.

At first a little hesitant and unsure…

She eventually got the hang of it. This made for lots of giggles, pictures, and overall joy from the entire party. Honestly, there’s only a few moments in your life you can get this messy and not get in trouble for it. Might as well live it up, right?

Happy First Birthday Burrito! We love you. Especially with cake on yo face.

Birthdays are The Best Sorts of Days

A slightly belated present from Brendan arrived a few days ago. I had sent him a bunch of links to Etsy prints I wouldn’t mind receiving. He said he only liked only one. Frankly I didn’t even remember which one’s I sent. So I patiently waited and half forgot that a little Etsy gift was on its way.

Packaged arrived and I would have to say that The Fiance chose a fabulous one. It’s amazing how art can bring back memories and make you feel so fabulous. I’ve vacationed in Maine for every summer since birth. I’ve also vacationed with Brendan there a time or two. In addition, I love lobster. Other than these personal ties to this print Brendan and I as an “us” have some happy “lobstah” memories. One day we discovered hidden emoticons on Gchat. Our favorite? The lobster  V.v.V  (and yes, when entered on Gchat it actually pinches) What better way to remember our weird traditions and my fabulous memories than a print from Maine by a fabulous artist. She calls it “Lobster Love” and I couldn’t agree more.

Within moments of opening the package the print was framed and hanging on the wall, added to my Summer Gallery. (more on that soon it’s almost done!) I’ve gotten so many complements on this print already. I also find myself stopping in the hallway, admiring it, and smiling.