Pumpkins, Bats and Witches Hats

So a few years ago I impulsively purchased a set of fall inspired linzer tart cookie cutters. (Lets face it I’m a sucker for anything fall) They then sat in my drawer until a few weeks ago when I finally decided today’s the day to make some deliciously fall cookie sandwiches.

The recipe was from The Joy of Baking  and it was pretty good. I used apple butter rather than jam to make them a little more Fallish in flavor.

I also got to use my new flour sifter for the finishing touch of powdered sugar.

My favorite part of the cookie cutters is all the different fall inspired shapes including witches hats, black cats, bats, owls, pumpkins, and ghosts.

super bowl treats colts cookies

For the big game last Sunday I decided to make 2 desserts, one inspired by each team. Unfortunately Indiana does not have that many trade mark food, drinks, or cuisine. But, they do have corn. Lots of it. So I decided to make corn meal cookies in the shape of the Colts horse shoe. Recipe was super easy. Biggest problem was the pastry bag portion of the recipe. The dough refused to be squeezed out. I instead used a horse shoe template and shaped the cookies by hand. Cookies came out really good. They aren’t too sweet and the corn meal adds a nice crunch. Very yummy. Recipe thanks to Martha Stewart and posted @ The Modern Day Pirates.

elephants and giraffes for baby

I was hired as a “pastry chef” by my dear friend Sheena to make cookies for her friend’s baby shower. The “theme” of the party was zoo animals, which coordinated with the baby’s bedding. The only cookie cutters I had in the house were a giraffe and an elephant so, making due, I created a pastel army of both for all to enjoy (and some little hearts and stars for those people who “don’t want to eat a big cookie” but then eat like 12 little ones. Stop being crazy…it’s a cookie, it’s not going to kill you. Really people). I heard the cookies were a big hit. I think they came out super cute.