For Those Extra Hippie Weekends

The husband is on a slightly more normal schedule these days so every other weekend we get to have fancy pants breakfast together. A few weekends ago I decided to try my hand at an old hippie favorite. Granola.


Home made granola is incredibly easy to make and will make you question why you ever purchased the commercial made stuff. How much more tree-hugger can I sound amiright?


Recipe was found at Gimme Some Oven. I nixed the dried fruit and subbed olive oil for coconut oil. (Would have loved to use coconut oil but didn’t have any in the house.) Frankly on one of the first delicious Spring mornings of the year this breakfast was superb. We turned the home made granola into Greek yogurt parfaits complete with berries and honey.


DElicious. Let me tell you guys. It’s also a really quick and easy (yet very scrumptious) breakfast to throw together. The granola takes max 1/2 hour to make, you  can even make it the night before if you prefer to get up and dive into breakfast.



Light. Healthy. Scrumptious. Easy. Best Saturday morning decision you’ll make. Promise.


French Breakfast Muffins

If any one is looking for a beyond super quick and easy and delicious weekend (or holiday) breakfast this is it. I don’t exactly know if it’s really “French” however, I wouldn’t put it past the French to make something this decadent and surprisingly easy.

I unfortunately don’t own a large muffin pan so my muffins were made in a regular cupcake pan. The recipe found at Velvet Lava will make 11 cupcake sized muffins. I promise you they won’t last longer than dinner time. These little beauties are great for breakfast, an afternoon snack with tea, or dessert.

I also think this recipe would be a great way to get the kiddies involved in the kitchen. Although I don’t have any little one’s of my own, I’m from a very large extended family and have spent the majority of my life with kidlets running around. I’ve found it best to set up an “assembly line” for the dip and roll. Kids’ little hands should have no problem dipping and rolling these muffins (just make sure both the muffins and melted butter aren’t burn your hands hot.)

And there you have it, quick, little helper friendly, and delicious muffins great for any time of day.