What’s Your Numbah, Sugah?

03.01.05 the date that I like to think changed my life forever. It was that date 8 years ago that I met my soul mate and never looked back. We still to this day wish each other “happy anniversary” the first of every month. It has turned into more of a game so many months later who can wish it first and on what media device. (I usually win on all accounts)

03.01.05 are our numbers. Period. Even when we (finally) get married I’m sure we’ll still do something special on the first of March. These numbers were my semi inspiration for a project I’d been dying to do. As seen in a previous post I recovered my blue college apartment pillows to match our red cabinet. Love them. The fabric however was rather summery and just doesn’t work year round.


Graphic and typography items are popping up everywhere; numbers, letters, quotes. I decided to take our most treasured numbers and create graphic pillows for the living room. The process was easy. Find a font you love, I used the font “Elephant” (should be standard on most PC’s) I really liked the vintage feel of this font; the serifs, the almost hand typed feel if you could call it that.


Once a font is selected increase the font size, a lot. I think my letters were done at a 60 or 70 point. Print them out, tape or rubber cement the print down to a thicker piece of paper, and cut them out to form a stencil. If you have a steady enough hand I recommend tracing the number/letters with pencil and painting within the pencil lines. You could also use the stencil as a true stencil but I found the paint tends to sneak underneath creating less than graphic crisp lines.


I used cheap yet thick and sturdy fabric from Ikea, $3.99 for half a yard and typical craft paint $2 in a charcoal gray. You could use a fabric medium if you chose to but I found the paint spread and held just fine, even after washing. I used a graphic red striped fabric (also Ikea) for the reverse side to play with the red accents throughout the room and the vintage graphic feel of the pillow. I used the same pocket hemmed technique illustrated in the previous pillow post, an easy way to create removable pillow covers.


I really love how they came out and adore that they reflect something so meaningful to us in such a subtle, stylish way.


PS Happy Anniversary Babe! 8 years (AAAHHHHH!!) Time really flies when you’re having the time of your life. Looking forward to many more adventures together. Love you!

Pillow Talk

Last weekend my fabulous Mom came over and helped with some much needed sewing projects. One of the quicker and easier projects was recovering the living room pillows. They happened to be the pillows from my college days and although I loved them, the blues and greens weren’t working in my “more mature” living room. Especially with our honking red cabinet from Ikea. It was starting to look like a Crayola crayon box up in here.

I found fabric at Joann’s on clearance and bought a yard of each. They were both “Summery” but not kill you will Summer overload. Really they are more graphic and fun than anything. One’s silhouetted coral and the other’s simple line drawings of sailboat.

Now it was time to recruit Mom to sew them for me since I have an unhealthy fear of needles. My idea of a good time does not included a high powered one bouncing dangerously close to my hands. Catch was I didn’t give Mom the easiest of jobs, since I wanted to be able to swap them on and off when I got tired of them. Mom’s not a fan of sewing zippers (and we didn’t have any on hand) and buttons can get annoying as well. We came up with a simple enough solution. Sew a “pocket” at the bottom of the opening for the pillow to “sit” in.

That way the cover will stay in place and the pillow can still easily wiggle it’s way out whenever my fancy changes. Simply put it was about 10-20 minutes of sewing for 4 pillow covers and takes roughly 30 seconds to switch them on and off. I’m a rather happy camper.

Total cost? $5.59 a yard for each pattern = $11.18 for 4 awesomely graphic summer time feeling pillows.