A Little Inspiration

Within hours of signing out lease I was probably at work researching inspiration for our future apartment. To keep myself sane (and organized) I set up a folder on my desktop called “house”. Within that folder I broke down every room. However that only brought me so far. looking at all the pictures separately didn’t bring the full feel of the room to life. It also didn’t help me narrow down my options. Seriously no one needs 5 area rugs in 1 living room.

My college schooling kicked into gear, and some inspiration boards were made. In the design world inspiration boards are usually hanging over our desks with all things we find interesting, fun, the “feeling” we’re trying to create, or simply awesome to look at. Specific room inspiration boards are a little more detailed and usually contain furniture, colors, finishes, and “looks” that will eventually end up in the room. The BIGGEST thing one needs to remember is each specific item is not expected to end up in the finished room. It’s more of a this is the feel or look we’re trying to go for. And honestly, they are SO fun to make.

Here’s The Dining Room:

And my favorite, The Bedroom:

The Living Room has no direction at this current point. Mainly because I know it’s the room that’s going to integrate a lot of Brendan’s “collections”. Need to figure out how to make it all work. Firefighting, Coca Cola, and Street Signs are not exactly my idea of a comfy inviting Living Area. Ahh the joys of engagements and the merging of the stuffs.

I would be more than happy to teach, review, or make an inspiration board for any of my adoring friends.