Privacy, Please!

We like to think we live in the “faux country”. “Faux” because we’re really just in the suburbs 20 miles from Manhattan and not country at all. “Country” because even though we’re in the “burbs” we’re on an acre of property, have families of deer sleeping in our front yard and located across the street from a park complete with walking paths and ponds for fishing. So privacy really isn’t an issue, yet an issue at the same time. Especially when our green property hits winter and our leafy shroud disappears. Most rooms don’t make a difference privacy wise. Some, like the bathroom, makes a big difference. Not to mention we have a MASSIVE window in our bathroom. I love the natural light it brings in but hate that the window ends around mid thigh. Sorry but I don’t need to be that showy with the neighbors. Plus I love peaking out that window. The solution? A cafe curtain. Straight modern and starts at collarbone level. Everyone wins. Minus the peeping tom’s of course.

I had my personal seamstress (aka Mom) help with the sewing, however this style curtain is a beyond easy sew. First measure the window. If you want it to hang straight (like the one shown) and not bunched the actual size of the window is all you need. Add an extra about an inch on all sides for the hem and an extra 2 or 3 inches for the curtain rod “sleeve”. Sew a hem on all sides, then fold the top down to create the “sleeve” for the curtain rod and sew. That’s it! That’s all you have to do. Presto! instant privacy.

I found the fabric at Ikea for around $7 a yard. I believe I only needed around 1/2 a yard. So for roughly $3.50 plus the cost of curtain rod I had fabulous and simple privacy.  The plain white linen was just that, plain. I wanted to add a ribbon stripe around the curtain for a little more detail. Problem was a slippery silk ribbon was going to be a rather annoying pinning/sewing job. Solution? My always trusty go to material… Paint! 1 tube of navy acrylic craft paint from your local craft store (less than $3) and some masking tape made for a quick and easy custom detail.

Simple, cheap, and functional. Can’t beat that. Total project cost? under $10 when including the tension rod. Fabulous.