Family Vacation to the Great North

I think it’s been confirmed, my family are lake people. Don’t get me wrong being from Jersey I’ve had my share of family shore trips but in the grand tally thus far we’ve rented far more lake cabins than beach shanties.

This year was no different. We traveled North to The Adirondacks for a week (significantly less for me) of hiking, kayaking, and general relaxing.

During my long weekend at the lake I found an absolutely fabulous vintage shop. The place was amazing. Massive, packed with stuff, and priced to sell. I walked away with these 2 beauties to add to my collection of robins egg blue kitchen items.

This adorably modern yet strikingly vintage aqua creamer which I feel head over heals for:

And this rather unique flour sifter with blue enamel handle. I’ve never seen an accent like this on a flour sifter before. Being the baker that I am, and prior to this trip not owning one, it becoming mine was very much going to happen.

The best part of my finds? $10 for the lot. In addition to my brag worthy loot my slightly loony sister found something she too couldn’t live without. Please meet the newest addition to the family Dave, the taxidermied red squirrel. Complete with sombrero/ashtray.

Oh yes, she did.

Rather than signing off with Dave, I’ll leave you with some slightly more striking images of Saranac Lake on Lake Flower.