Quick and Easy DIY Crate Coffee Table

On a family vacation to the Finger Lakes  2 years ago I found a fabulous old crate from an antique store near our lake house. There were 2  things beyond wonderful about it. It said “Buffalo, NY” on the side – Rochester (where I went to school) would have been better but really Buffalo is close enough – AND it was a mere $10. SOLD. Upon move in day this crate quickly converted into our “coffee table”. The poor little guy looked a little pathetic juxtaposed against our big and comfy couch. It wasn’t the best, but it worked perfectly until we could upgrade.

On our most recent trip to Maine we came across a few more crates, one that even got Brendan excited. An “Atlas Powder Co. High Explosives” crate from Wilmington DE (Where his Dad lives). We like to bring art and things into the house that remind us of places we’ve been, people we love, or simply stuff that tugs on our sentimental heartstrings.

The second crate we found was like a triple word score of awesomeness. Word score #1: Black & White blended scotch whiskey from Glasgow, Scotland; we love whiskey and I’m dying to go to Scotland. Word score #2: Imported through New York, NY; right out side of where we live so some “home town pride” if you will. AND for the triple word score: A shipping label to Maine! I was really hoping to find something with Maine on it since I’ve vacationed there almost every year of my life. Clearly we weren’t leaving this guy behind.

Unfortunately each crate was priced at $25. After buying 1 for $10 I felt like I wasn’t getting the best deal out there. Thankfully Bren used his bargaining skills and we got both crates AND a really great glass honey bottle for $40. I like to think we got a deal.

Upon returning home I set up the 2 new crates with our 1 existing crate. Although they aren’t exactly the same width or height they are close enough to work just fine.

The best part of the crate coffee table is it comes with built in storage and can be easily moved out of the way when we need the floor space, like for Pilates.

“Aerial” shot shows some of the “bonus storage” where we hide the tissues and the keyboard and mouse for our media center. I really love the unique look of our brand new reclaimed coffee storage table.