Brand New Antique Shelves

On September 15, 2010 Brendan and I moved into our first apartment. That same day we realized that our apartment with it’s many closets were simply large voids behind doors. Not a single one had a shelf inside. To remedy the problem, specifically in the pantry, my wonderful man built me free standing shelves that we can take with us to our next home but still shove in the closet and hold all of our non perishable items. (Extra fabulous because we’ve moved into the smallest kitchen possible)

The shelves were inspired buy this lovely antique from White Flower Farm House:

I HIGHLY suggest anyone in the eastern Long Island area stop by. Small place, but full of such cute stuff.  When I went, of course, my dream shelves were already sold. So we build out own. Costing roughly $20 for materials, I drew plans, Brendan assembled, and I finished. We make such a fabulous team.

To Build:
We used 1″ x 12″  planks of wood, cut to fit (roughly 3′-0″ wide) little 1″x 2″ for ledgers, and 2″ x 4″ for the legs. Assembly was simple (I’m told). First, get your local hardware store to cut everything to your required dimension. Second, space ledgers evenly, screw to legs kind of building 2 ladders. Once the ledgers are in place add your 1″x 12″ shelves starting with the bottom shelf, then the top, then fill in the middle. Screw each shelf into the ledger as you go.

Our shelves are anchored into the wall since it’s in a closet. If you want a free standing set of shelves we recommend adding cross bracing across the back using something like a 1×2 diagonally across the back. (See the white flower farmhouse image as example)

Once built it was my turn to play. To create an “already been around for 100 years” look I used a candle to wax up the shelves before painting. Add wax to the areas where wear and tear would normally happen. (edges, fronts of shelves, bottom legs). Paint with 1 coat of a color you would like to see peaking through the paint (I chose white). Once dry wax again, I did a mix of same areas 1st wax was applied and a few new places. Paint with top coat paint (Robin’s Egg Blue to match the kitchen aid).  Once second coat is dry break out your sand paper and start sanding the areas the wax was applied. It’s AMAZING, little effort and the paint starts peeling off. It really makes an awesome weathered look.

Every time I walk into my pantry I smile. I love these shelves.