Have You Seen The Pinwheels They’re GINORMOUS!

One of my very bestest friends is getting married. Her shower was last weekend. As Maid of Honor I was bestowed with the task of decorating the little fiesta. A run down on how the shower went is soon to come, but first a little pinterest inspired craft session.

Part one of Bridal Shower decorations: We decided on a summer garden party theme. What’s more summery and gardeny than giant yellow and blue pinwheels? I’m talking 12″ diameter fabulously fun gigantic fully functioning pinwheels.

The pinwheels put up a darn good fight. They might have made me shed a tear or two (or seven) but once finding a tutorial that could support the weight of 12″ diameter pinwheels (and learning how to change a bit on a drill that was last changed by a gorilla strength man) it was smooth sailing. Tutorial was found on Something Borrowed and really was crazy simple, don’t let my tears scare you. It was the first tutorial that wasn’t designed for such colossal pinwheels that caused the tears. Promise.

The tutorial from The Sweetest Occasion  is how I created the paper portion of the fabulous ginormous pinwheels. I strongly recommend following the paper portion from this tutorial as it uses hot glue to hold the paper together. I’m assuming the hot glue also helps to reinforce the paper at the connection of the straight pin. Also, this tutorial is for 6″ diameter pinwheels. Really you can make them any size (within reason) as long as you’re working with a square. I would then follow with the assembly portion from Something Borrowed.

I truly love how they turned out.  Early warning paper is not water proof and after the events of the day these 3 were the only ones that survived. More on that later.