Banoffee Pie Anyone?

Well folks, it’s finally here. The Olympics. (Or ‘Lympics as I lovingly call it.) I guess my admiration of the elite games can be thanks to my Father who is an avid runner, cyclist, cross country skier, and all around active guy. He always made time to watch the games, and include us kids,  for as long as I can remember. My favorite summer sport is Women’s Gymnastics (YAY USA GOLD! WOO!). I was a little die hard obsessed back in 6th grade when the 1996 Atlanta games rolled in with the Magnificent Seven (yes I hung their newspaper pictures all over my room, knew all their names and back stories and was beyond crushed when the VHS tape didn’t record Kerri Strug’s winning/injuring vault. It was all squibbly and snow covered. 11 year old me was devastated to say the least.)

So, anyway, due to my die-hard ‘Lympic spirit we had a few close friends over Opening Ceremonies night to ring in the latest games. We embraced the London spirit with Fish and Chips, New Castle beers, Snake Bites (what all the cool kids in the London pubs drink), and Banoffee Pie. Oh Banoffee Pie, my new love.

Snake Bites, is something my Sister, who studied abroad in London for a semester, introduced me to. I will confess I’m not a beer drinker. (And I confess this with the heaviest of hearts.) For you non beer drinkers like me, this drink is the tastiest beer you’ll ever have and super simple to make. Half a bottle of lager (New Castle Brown Ale), half a bottle of hard cider (Angry Orchard) and if you want to really fancy it up a splash of Squash. Hands down the tastiest beer I’ve ever had.

Now, for the main event. Banoffee Pie. Oh you British seductress you. I was searching for a classic English dessert to serve my guests. This Banoffee Pie thing continued to come up throughout my searching. Having never heard of it, I read on. Basically it’s an AMAZINGLY delicious pie which is also SUPER easy to make. I started baking as “Afghanistan” entered the stadium and finished (and ready to eat) before  “Madagascar” was announced, not too shabby.

Recipe by Curtis Stone. It’s a no bake pie (score one for perfect Summer recipe) and to make the recipe even easier may I suggest a pre-made graham cracker pie crust?  I found that 1 pint of heavy cream and everything else called out in the recipe was enough for 2 regular sized pies. I also American’d it up with a chocolate cookie crust, as well as the traditional graham crust.

So happy I took a shot in the dark on this strange named pie. It is absolutely delicious and magically easy. I’m right with Keira Knightly with her “you would have broken my heart if you said yes” comment, “Love Actually” anyone? One of my favorite movies. (I will confess I always thought she was saying felafel pie, not that that makes any sense but a much more familiar word than “Banoffee”.) With out a doubt my new favorite pie.