Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Ever since my bridal shower I’ve been on a major bundt cake kick. Bundts are pretty, quick, and require no frosting after they come out of the oven. A step to cake making that I find cumbersome and most times annoying, although delicious.


I found this recipe from Lick the Bowl for a Snickerdoodle Bundt Cake. My husband has a mild obsession with snickerdoodle cookies so I figured I would try my hand at a cake version of the treat.


This cake is AMAZING. Hands down scrumptious. The best part is the caramelized cinnamon sugar crust around the entire exterior of the cake. The only part of the recipe I’ve altered is adding a bit more cinnamon (3tsp rather than 2tsp).


If you love cake, and love snickerdoodles run don’t walk to your kitchen and bake this little number up.


Rustic Tart in a Rustic Cabin

A goal of mine while away on our weekend in the woods was to bake. Non-stop baking weekend to be specific. Unfortunately, sleeping in was secret priorty number one, and being lazy together was goal #2. I did manage to get a few things in the oven including this very simple (minor-ly labor intensive) rustic plum pie.


Recipe thanks to Love and Cupcakes. The most laborious part was cutting and placing all the slices of plums. Frankly, if that’s the biggest thing to whine about this is truly an easy peasy dessert that looks stunning and tastes just as beautiful. Second hardest part is waiting for it to bake.



mojito cupcakes

My friend and I decided to throw a little fiesta Friday night. I decided to bake some more over 21 cupcakes for the occasion. I felt mojitos fitting since they are one of Sarah’s favorite mixed drinks. Recipe (thanks to cream puffs in Venice) was pretty easy. I added some lime zest to the batter to switch it up a little. Cakes were delicious. Made a rum/lime/mint buttercream frosting instead of cream cheese (so not a fan of cream cheese frosting) similar to that of the car bomb frosting(1 stick butter 3-4 cups confectioner’s sugar added tablespoon at a time). Added a few table spoons of rum, half a lime of juice and some mint extract. Really it was all guess and check til it tasted right. When I make these again I’m going to add minced mint to the batter rather than zest and more sprigs of mint to the syrup. Either way they were delicious and a huge hit.

…mounds don’t

Finally the Christmas cookie surplus has diminished enough allowing me to break in my new kitchen aid mixer. (thanks babe!) First recipe of the new year? Coconut cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting. Frosting was delicious. Cake wasn’t overly sweet though not overly moist either. A bit of a surprise since it had plenty of sugar, butter, and coconut milk. The coconut flavor wasn’t as strong as I had hoped but the flavor combination did make me want to sing the Almond Joy/Mounds jingle. Thanks to Martha Stewart for the recipe. (she’s a fav of mine).