Pillow Talk

Last weekend my fabulous Mom came over and helped with some much needed sewing projects. One of the quicker and easier projects was recovering the living room pillows. They happened to be the pillows from my college days and although I loved them, the blues and greens weren’t working in my “more mature” living room. Especially with our honking red cabinet from Ikea. It was starting to look like a Crayola crayon box up in here.

I found fabric at Joann’s on clearance and bought a yard of each. They were both “Summery” but not kill you will Summer overload. Really they are more graphic and fun than anything. One’s silhouetted coral and the other’s simple line drawings of sailboat.

Now it was time to recruit Mom to sew them for me since I have an unhealthy fear of needles. My idea of a good time does not included a high powered one bouncing dangerously close to my hands. Catch was I didn’t give Mom the easiest of jobs, since I wanted to be able to swap them on and off when I got tired of them. Mom’s not a fan of sewing zippers (and we didn’t have any on hand) and buttons can get annoying as well. We came up with a simple enough solution. Sew a “pocket” at the bottom of the opening for the pillow to “sit” in.

That way the cover will stay in place and the pillow can still easily wiggle it’s way out whenever my fancy changes. Simply put it was about 10-20 minutes of sewing for 4 pillow covers and takes roughly 30 seconds to switch them on and off. I’m a rather happy camper.

Total cost? $5.59 a yard for each pattern = $11.18 for 4 awesomely graphic summer time feeling pillows.

A Hell of a Year

I don’t know how many people that read this know the in’s and out’s of Liz. As readers may have noticed this blog’s been idol since February, and I apologize for this. To fill you in on the last 8 months requires me to fill you in on the months leading up to the creation of this blog.

In May of ’09 my little sister was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After 12 treatments of chemo, buzzing her head on Father’s Day, and watching her tackle this card she was dealt with such grace she got a clean bill of health late November ’09. We as a family made it through the holidays with a different outlook on life, as most of you know cancer effects everyone. After the holidays and the year we had with my sister I wanted to turn over a new leaf and become more productive.

I should mention that my sister, while on Chemotherapy, started her own t shirt  “company” which was lovingly called Baldies. She spray painted her hairless self on shirts and sold them to friends and family members to keep herself busy and help bring in some extra bucks.

Baldie Poster

After watching all of this I had to think what’s stopping me? Seriously? On Chemo my sister accomplished more than I had in years. So I started this blog to help keep me on track and get serious about doing more with my life.

So why the stop I’m sure you are asking yourself around now? Well. It turns out that while my sister had been getting better, my mother was getting worse. Late February of 2010 my mother was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Her tumor “popped” at almost the exact location as my sisters, the side of her neck. We sent her results over to my sister’s doctor and waited. Within hours the doctor was calling asking what the hell was going on? Mom said “I dunno Doc, you tell me… you said it doesn’t run in families and isn’t environmental”. Needless to say we had another 12 rounds of chemo. We all rallied around my mom. It was all very deja-vue-ish. Mom got her all clean in early September.

Now, not all heartbreaking “that poor family” happened. As they say “it’s always darkest before the dawn”. August 29, 2010 after my mother finished her chemo treatments my boyfriend of 5 years, and my very best friend on this Earth, proposed. That’s right. Officially engaged. And he really outdid himself. More on that to come in future posts. 24 hours after our engagement we signed a lease on our first apartment. So From September until now we’ve been packing our lives, attempting to unpack, getting settled, and learning to adjust to all the extra “stuff” we have to do now. It’s all so exciting and I have SO much to share. Giving an Interior Designer her first place is a dangerous thing. Trust me. Thanks for sticking around and as they say “the best is yet to come”.